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6 Tonnes of Junk, 3 walls and 2 men later

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

If you've been down to the bottom of Leith Walk lately, you might have spotted the fabulous new arts, furnishings and crafts shop that has recently opened its doors to the public.

Their ethos of environmental sustainability led Logan Malloch to OotnoO when first taking over the shop unit. The shop was a lot smaller to begin with, before the owners picked up their tools and (6 tonnes of demo waste, 3 surprise walls and 2 secret ceilings later) created a space worthy of the art within.

Logan Malloch is leading the way in exciting small businesses to open in the area, breathing a fresh wave of shopping experience for in Leith and beyond, with a great online store, offering a spectrum of creative and quirky arts & crafts to wear, hang, use, read or simply admire.

We wish Logan Malloch the very best of success and look forward to what they've got in store for us all.

We're off to give our arms a rest.

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