Helping out Hermitage Braid GC

We were called out to help with a large pile of builder's waste and debris that had been fly-tipped at the entrance on the main road and urgently needed clearing.

We were able to offer emergency support and same day collection, arriving within 2 hours of the initial enquiry and clearing the waste in just 2 hours.

Look at our before and after images of how we got that rubbish Ootnoo!

Waste Clearance Servoce Rubbish Removal Edinburgh Scotland - OotnoO

We got it OotnoO!

Despite Edinburgh Council raising fly-tipping fines from £50 to £200 in 2014, there are around 30 reported fly-tipping incidents each day in Edinburgh. Fly-tipping is against the law and not a victimless crime. It is hazardous to people, wildlife and the environment. People who fly-tip, knowingly pass on financial costs to the people who live on or own the affected area.

To report fly-tipping incidents see Edinburgh Council's Report Fly-tipping page for more information.

For help with fly-tipping and emergency support, call our Ootnoo team on 07713 10 20 21.

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