Who you gonna call? OotnoO!

A lovely lady in Leith called us needing her piano uplifted. The perfectly working, 120 year old, piano has been lovingly looked after, so she was loathed to see this beloved instrument go to the tip.

Determined to help, we wanted to find a happy new home for the piano, and when we contacted the Mouse Trap, Leith Walk, they told us they were actively searching for one for their bar and had been for the last month - so were over the moon that we'd found just the thing. A happy match made in Leith!

Vikki the Manager runs a beautiful bar that is fast becoming the Leith epicentre of all things artistic and quirky. The bar is modelled cleverly on the 80's Mouse Trap board game, the decor has been developed by the team and by local artists who make this place wonderfully unique.

Stuart, Assistant Manager and part time Ghost Buster (shown in image), was thrilled we found a piano and gave us a tune last night to settle it in to it's new home. The staff will not only look after it but some of the team are even going to teach themselves a song or two.

So a great happy ending for the piano, for Mouse Trap and for the lady who called OotnoO!

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