OotnoO helps ECA Student recycle junk into clever art.

If it is said that cheese is milk's leap toward immortality - then you could also say the same of the art being created by Suzanne Anthony, final year student at Edinburgh College of Art.

Taking everyday junk and throwaway items and giving them renewed purpose as art.

OotnoO has been donating materials for the project and were shown these wonderful creations, that are the prelude to her final piece in May, As you can see each piece might be trying to tell a story so we asked Suzanne about this.

"Absolutely, it's about bringing a sense of joy and agency to discarded materials. They are totally abstract but always informed by the physical world around us, so everyone reads different things into them - its great!

Suzanne's final piece will be exhibited at Edinburgh College of Art from the end of May and promises to be anything but rubbish! We're really excited to see what she creates and have been very happy to contribute to a very worthy ambition.

Now that's what we call an art revival.

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