Our Prices and how to count the cost

We charge £25 per cube + call out 

1 cube (cu3) = 1 cubic yard (3ft x 3ft x 3ft) up to 50kg.

Call out: £20 - £50 subject to location, labour, load.

All quotes confirmed on site.

Count the cubes and cost it yourself

A cubic yard is around the size of a single wardrobe, a small sofa or the weight of items such as 5 packing boxes weighing an average of 10kg each.

We'll round our prices down to can give discounts for Quotes confirmed on site.

Check out the visual guide below for some examples.

Get a quick estimate by phone or email

Just send images or a quick list by text, WhatsApp or email and we will help with an estimate or arrange to visit for a free quote.

Ask us to visit for a quote

We can visit to give a much more accurate quote and help with your planning.

Call out fees are subject to load and location and charged only for completed work. All quotes are confirmed on site before loading.

Cube (Cubic Yard) examples

Call out £20 - £50 subject to location, labour and load. Call outs are charged only for completed work.

Our friendly team will:
  1. Help with your quote, budget and booking.

  2. Give you notice before we arrive.

  3. Send a team for the job and load.

  4. Confirm the price.

  5. Clear the waste and get it OotnoO.

What we do when you book OotnoO

You can email images for a quote too. 

Call 07713 10 20 21 or send images and info to ootnoo@outlook.com

Open 7 days 

out-of-hours too when you need it OotnoO

Cubic Yard (Cu3)
1 cubic yard
2 cubic yards
4 cubic yards
8 cubic yards
18 cubic yards
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Special Items
Although most special items disposal will be covered in the cubic price, some that require special waste control may have an additional surcharge charged by the waste management site for disposal or recycling.  This complies with waste control regulations by SEPA Scotland. 
Surcharge Examples
Fridge / freezer: £40 - £50 (domestic unit)
Fluorescent tube:  £3 per item
Paint £3 per tin
Mattresses: £25
Sofas: £20

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