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Thinking outside the dog box.

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Sometimes we have to get creative with our recycling methods and think outside the box. We have now distributed shop and studio lighting around a group of new and small local businesses, recycling them in the best way possible, by safe reuse. Instead of these becoming landfill, recycled or even sold; each business promised to make a donation to a local foodbank.

We also donated lots of toys, equipment, towels and blankets to the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home and repaired and donated furniture and all sorts to all sorts of charities and non-profit organisations.

That’s what we do at Ootnoo and how we roll... towards a circular economy.

We’ll fill our time instead of landfill and recycle in a kinder way.

For junk removal and recycling in Edinburgh, Lothians, Stirling, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Fife, call us now or email for a quote.

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